Listed Property

A Listed Property has been identified by the City of London as a property that satisfies certain approved criteria based on its architecture, history and context. A listing also indicates the need for special treatment of the property under the Planning Act, the Ontario Heritage Act, the Ontario Building Code and specific city policies such as demolition.

Priority Levels

Priority levels indicate and justify the heritage value of the resources as objectively as possible.

Priority 1 - buildings are London's most important heritage structures and merit designation under Part IV (Section 29) of the Ontario heritage Act. This group includes not only landmark buildings and buildings in pristine condition, but also lesser known structures with major architectural/historical significance.

Priority 2 - buildings merit evaluation for designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. They have significant architectural and/or historic value.

Priority 3 - buildings may merit designation as part of a group of buildings designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act or as part of a Heritage conservation district, even though these buildings are not often worthy of designation individually.

Priority 9 - is restricted to buildings within a Heritage Conservation District which individually would have little or no heritage value.
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